About Us

"Menace Baits is threatening the foundation of the industry by offering a revolutionary fishing lure backed by a family of dedicated anglers."     - Menace Baits Mission Statement 

Owner And C.E.O

Anthony Awgul

(267) 772-0132


Anthony founded Menace Baits when he was in high school. What was once a hobby of making fishing lures in his parent’s basement has evolved into a massive operation that has spread across the nation. Anthony currently attends the Pennsylvania State University majoring in Business. Anthony is currently responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company.

Chief Operations Officer

Grant Leyden

(215) 804-9818


Grant’s expertise in marketing has helped increase Menace Baits brand awareness and exposure significantly. Since he joined the company in 2018, Grant has helped develop Menace Baits' popular Team Menace promotional staff program.

Business Development Manager

Jonathan Kerr


Jonathan started as a team member in 2019 and worked his way through the ranks of Team Menace adding value to the company. After one year with Menace Baits as a team member he knew he could bring so much more to the company he grew to love. With a degree in sport management and professional background in human resources Jonathan is Menace Bait's Business Development Manager. Jonathan focuses on company strategy, community/team relations and growing the organization to it's full potential. 

Sales Manager

Joshua Ramey