Menace Baits Information Regarding COVID-19



Due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, Menace Baits has published information and guidelines regarding how we will continue serving our customers during this crisis. We greatly appreciate the support and patience of our customers during this time of economic hardship and we assure you that Menace Baits and our staff will persevere and remain resilient. 



Customers may continue to shop on our online store all day everyday. 


Order Fulfillment:

The COVID-19 pandemic will result in several inventory stock outs and shortages. Customers can continue to shop all of our products, but back ordered products may not ship until mid-April if not later (ETA will be published as soon as possible). All products ordered available in Menace Baits on hand in inventory will ship as usual as soon as possible while back ordered products will ship separately once they are in stock again.


Back Order Procedure

If a customer purchases a product that is back ordered, they will receive an email within 24 hours explaining the situations. The default option offered to all customers affected will be to ship the back ordered products at our expense once they are in stock again while shipping all products available as soon as possible. Customers may also request a refund or store credit for back ordered products.